60 Client in 60 Days
Fill your practice in weeks, not years

Thousands of massage therapists have used this proven step-by-step strategy to build their practices in a fraction of the time they thought was humanly possible. 

This book explains how they did it, and how you can too.

This is perfect for you if you..

  • ...hate marketing. (In fact, the less marketing background you have, the better you'll do. )
  • ...don't have a lot of money to invest, but have some time on your hands. 
  • ...hate to be pushy or salesy and want to be authentic in your approach. 
  • ...if you've given up hope that you'll ever have the thriving, soul-satisfying practice you've dreamed about.
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  • I was sitting around with no money and lots of time and didn't know how to get clients through my doors. With your program I had 30 clients in 22 days. I'm so excited and looking to expand." 


    Massage Therapist,
    Vancouver, BC
  • Now that I've gone through the program, my database of clients has increased by 400%. I'm booked a month in advance."



    Massage Therapist, Wako, TX
  • I moved to Dallas and knew no one. I had no clients going into this program. I was lucky to see three clients in a week. I'm now at a point where I have to turn people away and schedule them two weeks out."

    Sheila Brown

    Massage Therapist,
    Dallas, TX
  • When I started this program I saw 19 new clients within two weeks. My revenues have gone up 20% to 30%. The rebooking and client retention has been great too."

    Geri Wester

    Massage Therapist, 
    Cedar Rapids
  • "My practice changed dramatically - doubled almost. It was incredible. There is opportunity all around and it's a matter of getting the right information at the right time."


    Vancouver, BC

Eric Brown

About the Author

Eric Brown, Grand Massage Poobah

This Massage Hall of Fame inductee is a pioneer in the massage profession. Eric Brown MT has trained thousands of therapists at massage therapy colleges and through conference workshops. He writes for massage journals internationally and thousands of massage professionals from around the world subscribe to his free Marketing Tips newsletter available at BodyworkBiz.com. 

He is a co-founder of World Massage Conference and Massage Therapy Radio. He has pioneered chair massage in Canada and has recently launched a new massage product: Thermal Palms, a soft alternative to hot stone massage.

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